LendSpark finances $16.2M construction loan for a single-family residential project

Expanding Recreational Vehicle Company

A single-owner, early-stage company that sells and services needed capital to add an additional location and expand their regional footprint.

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LendSpark is proud to have recently financed an expanding recreational vehicle company. This single-owner, early-stage company was seeking capital to add an additional location and expand their regional footprint. Despite being denied financing from traditional banks due to their relatively short time in business and lack of personal assets to pledge, LendSpark was able to offer creative alternatives to help the client meet their needs.

LendSpark's team recognized that providing additional credit in the name of the business would help increase credit limits from inventory suppliers and support rapid growth of the new location. As a result, LendSpark helped the client obtain initial funding through unsecured business lines-of-credit. Through a detailed analysis of the business financials, LendSpark also found that occasional access to short-term working capital loans would help soften the impact of seasonality on their revenues.

The results of LendSpark's financing and support have been remarkable. Since expanding to the new location, the client's revenues are greater than the total revenues from both of the previous locations combined. This growth demonstrates the effectiveness of LendSpark's financial solutions in helping small businesses achieve their goals.

In addition to financing, LendSpark has established trust with the client, which has led to additional opportunities to provide support. The client has asked LendSpark to help analyze business operations for areas of potential cost savings. Through this analysis, LendSpark has been able to reduce the client’s merchant processing costs and improve their processing time.

LendSpark is committed to helping small businesses succeed. We are proud to offer innovative financing solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. By providing access to capital and expert support, LendSpark empowers businesses to achieve their goals and thrive.