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LendSpark Detailed Funding Analysis

Whether you’re here in San Diego or across the country, LendSpark embarks on a careful discovery process to ensure you get a business loan most likely to fuel your business for the long term. You’ll be relieved to speak to finance experts with decades of experience who can carefully assess your opportunities and understand your challenges.

Who We Are

Credit Profiles of both owner and business. Aspects we’ll review include:

• Time in business
• Comparable business credit
• Personal credit, both current and historical
• Negative credit events
Economic Environment

Economic Environment & Business Financials

• Current state of borrower’s industry and its position in the economy
• Current trends in the industry
• We research the financial position of our clients, including collateral available or leveraged (keep in mind that many businesses overlook much of their available collateral.)
• If you are seeking equipment financing, we will discuss and strategize the type of equipment you are seeking, the vendors or private-party you are seeking to buy from, and the use of the equipment for your business.

Let's make a decision.

• With these elements in front of us, we conduct an in-depth underwriting interview with the client.

• We gather the stories around the data that flesh out the business’s prospects, challenges and unique circumstances. With this comprehensive information, we can assess the “character” of the business so that our credit team understands the entire situation and opportunity.

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What is the time in business requirement for Equipment and MCA loans?

The minimum business requirement for Equipment loans is 2 years. For MCA loans you will need to have at least 1 year to qualify.

What's the minimum amount of revenue I need to have per month?

$40k minimum per month; $75k minimum per month for construction and trucking industry

What is the minimum fico score I need to qualify for an equipment loan?

The minimum FICO score needed to apply for our loans is a 600.

What kind of rates will I be looking at?

For A+ credit customers, based on credit history, debt to income, etc. we can offer rates as low as 5%

Is Lendspark a direct lender?

YES! LendSpark is a direct lender ready to serve you!

What's the maximum term I can qualify for?

The maximum term to qualify is 72 months.

Will my credit be hit or is it a soft pull?

We know how frustrating it is to see a hard pull. Working with LendSpark, we make sure to only do soft pulls.

How fast can you fund?

Once we have the signed agreement and all pending stipulations we can fund in 24-48 hours.

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