LendSpark finances $16.2M construction loan for a single-family residential project

Distributor of Fuel Products

An experienced ownership team had re-established operations of a concrete mixing and delivery company after the expiration of a 5-year non-compete clause.

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LendSpark recently financed a Distributor of Fuel Products, who was facing cash flow challenges due to the explosive growth of their new business. The company was re-established by an experienced ownership team after the expiration of a 5-year non-compete clause. They quickly won back previous customers and added many new ones. However, the rapid growth of their business created significant cash flow issues that needed to be addressed.

LendSpark recognized the deep industry experience of the ownership team and looked beyond the limited time the company had been in business. LendSpark structured a short-term bridge loan to help the company grow their operations until they had a strong enough Accounts Receivable base to obtain an Accounts Receivable “factoring” line.

The multi-step funding strategy implemented by LendSpark has been highly effective in fueling business growth. As a result of the financing provided by LendSpark, the company was able to add a second plant location. The success of this transaction has also led to LendSpark being engaged to consult on financing, cost reduction, and business growth strategies for the company.

Overall, LendSpark’s expertise and commitment to understanding the unique needs of their clients have allowed them to provide effective financing solutions that have enabled companies to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.