LendSpark finances $16.2M construction loan for a single-family residential project

Boxing Club in Need of Financing

Traditional financing wasn’t available to them. They were opening a new location, so they needed all the money in advance of revenue (like a startup).

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LendSpark recently financed a Boxing Club that was in need of funding. This client faced several challenges in securing traditional financing as they were opening a new location and required all the necessary funds in advance of generating revenue, much like a startup. They needed to purchase all the required equipment, hire staff, and pay for other necessary expenses upfront, which was a challenge as they couldn't provide any steady revenue before obtaining financing.

LendSpark was able to provide a solution to this challenge by utilizing the experience of its executive team to thoroughly evaluate the business model and growth potential of the Boxing Club. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, we determined that the underlying market potential was strong enough to warrant crafting a loan structure that was optimal for the client's growth.

By working closely with the client and providing them with unique financing options, we were able to secure their approval and get them the funding they needed to open their new location. The client was impressed with the financing options that LendSpark provided and continues to work with us on various projects.

In conclusion, LendSpark was able to help a Boxing Club in need of financing by providing them with a customized loan structure that suited their needs. Our ability to understand the client's unique requirements and provide them with tailored financing options has resulted in a lasting partnership with this client.