LendSpark finances $16.2M construction loan for a single-family residential project

$1.75M Real Estate Deal

LendSpark was able to provide a $1,750,000 Real Estate deal to a Company looking to purchase land and flex spaced industrial building.

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LendSpark is proud to have provided financing for a recent $1,750,000 real estate transaction for a company seeking to purchase land and flex space industrial building. The client approached LendSpark with a specific business plan that required funding to acquire property that would enable their business to grow and expand. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their needs and goals, and to structure a loan that met their requirements.

The transaction involved the purchase of a large plot of land and an industrial building with flexible space that could be customized to suit the client's needs. The property was located in a prime location, which was ideal for the client's business operations. The deal was structured as a commercial real estate loan, which provided the client with the capital they needed to complete the purchase.

LendSpark's lending team conducted a thorough analysis of the client's financial statements and credit history, in order to determine the most appropriate loan terms and interest rate. Our team worked with the client to structure a loan that provided the necessary capital at a competitive interest rate, with a repayment schedule that was tailored to their cash flow requirements.

The transaction was successfully completed, and the client was able to purchase the property and begin their business expansion plans. LendSpark continues to work closely with the client, providing ongoing support and advice as they grow and expand their business.

Overall, LendSpark is proud to have been able to assist this client in achieving their business goals, and we look forward to working with them on future projects. Our lending team is committed to providing customized financing solutions that meet the needs of our clients, and we are dedicated to supporting their success.