LendSpark finances $16.2M construction loan for a single-family residential project

$1.5M California Manufacturer

LendSpark is pleased to have funded the above transaction for a California Manufacturer of Industry Leading Alternative Products, including CBD and Holistic Health. The company specializes in design and manufacturing of ground-breaking products. LendSpark was able to provide a $1,500,000 deal, which has provided much needed capital for this growing business.

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LendSpark is excited to announce the recent transaction with a California-based manufacturer of industry-leading alternative products. The company has established a reputation for producing innovative products that promote CBD and holistic health. LendSpark was proud to provide a $1,500,000 deal that has provided the much-needed capital for this growing business to expand and continue to innovate.

The transaction was completed in a timely manner and LendSpark was able to provide the funding the company needed to support its operations and invest in future growth. The financing was structured to fit the company's needs and allowed them to obtain the necessary capital without disrupting their ongoing operations.

LendSpark's team of experts worked diligently with the client to ensure that the deal was structured in a way that was beneficial to both parties. The client was impressed with LendSpark's professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and the speed at which the deal was executed.

With LendSpark's financing, the California-based manufacturer of alternative products is poised to expand its operations and continue to develop groundbreaking products. LendSpark is proud to have played a role in helping this innovative company achieve its goals and looks forward to a continued relationship with them.

Overall, LendSpark's funding has provided this growing business with the capital it needs to continue to innovate and succeed in the alternative products industry.