Real Estate Loans and Investments

Lending on the principles of speed, efficiency and innovation.

Real Estate Loans & Investments

As experts in the industry, we have designed lending products that are second to none, helping borrowers like you by offering programs to increase affordability. From interest-only payments to competitive LTVs, we strive to make the numbers work for you.

Solutions to Spark Your Business

Take advantage of our expertise in California. Contact LendSpark today to experience business lending redefined for you.

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Agile Service

Custom-fit structuring with flexible terms to meet your needs
Transparent streamlined approval process
Creative and flexible lending solutions

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates, fixed and variable
Up to 70% loan to value
Purchase or finance income-producing commercial and residential investment property

Flexible Terms

Loan terms to fit your business plan
Interest only
Broad array of financing available
We can lend to different ownership entities (individuals, trust, corporations, etc.)

Ready to grow your business?

We match business owners with financing options that work for their business.